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    • Soil Cultivation
    • Soil Cultivation

    • The Joker is ideally suited for shallow stubble cultivation to stimulate the germination of volunteer crops, to interrupt capillarity, to mix in harvest residues and for shallow seed beds.

      The Terrano is a compact 3-row cultivator with an enormous range of use, shallow stubble cultivation as well as for intensive soil mixing.
      A number of sizes and types are available to suit most needs

    • Disc Harrows Cultivators
    • Seeding Technology
    • Seeding Technology

    • What are your requirements for seeding technology?

      Exact seed placement, high seeding speed and effective seedbed cultivation - as flexibility in cultivation saves costs?

      No problem with the Pronto DCIAS. For the HORSCH Pronto is the universal seeding technology for all conditions after the plough, minimum cultivation or directly into stubble.

      The Pronto principle (levelling - consolidation - sowing - pressing) allows for a precise seed placement in all conditions even at high speeds. With the Pronto AS you can further increase flexibility by combining it with the precision single seed unit the Maistro.

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