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    • Spreaders
    • Spreaders

    • For fertilisation: centrifugal spreader mounted and trailed fertilizer spreader with large working widths from 10 to 52 m.

      Many spreaders, one range - added safety across the range
      AMAZONE provides the right spreader for any size of operation!
      Today, farmers and agricultural contractors need fertiliser spreaders more than ever - and in particular ones where safety comes first. And safe in every respect: on the road, during adjustment and when spreading. It is not just a case of saving money but also protecting the environment and ensuring maximum safety on the roads.
      AMAZONE gives you that all-round protection.

    • Spreaders Models
    • Sprayers
    • Sprayers

    • For crop protection: mounted, trailed and self propelled sprayers 12-40 m wide, with tank sizes of 900-11200 l

      Beautiful - through design and quality!

      Beauty, dynamics and power are combined to produce a superior overall concept.

      Clean lines and forms combined with advanced technology will convince you.

      A new spray, a new design language, a new performance class.

    • Sprayers Models
    • Tillage
    • Tillage

    • For stubble and tillage: Compact disc harrows, cultivators, cultivator-disc harrow combinations, rotary cultivators and power harrows and land rollers.

      The success of soil tillage without the plough depends to a large extent on how the technology used corresponds to the demands.
      Producing machinery of poor quality or when systems do not function perfectly, the advantages of soil tillage without the plough are rightly questioned by the user.

      Therefore, quality, safety, reliability and comfort are all criteria that play an important role at AMAZONE with the focus of the design work not only on robustness and longevity but also operational quality, operational safety and operational comfort.

      One tool for the solving such complex design tasks is, for example, finite-element computer programmes that enable the engineer to simulate the play of forces on the machine in operation and to carry out necessary the improvements on screen.

    • Tillage Models
    • Drills
    • Drills

    • Seeding technology for use on large areas - with working widths from 3 to 15 meters.

      Mechanical seed drills for solo use or in combination with a rotary cultivator or harrow.

      Pneumatic drills, combined with active or passive working tillage technology.

      Today of special importance is also reducing as far as possible the fuel consumption during the machine operation.
      There are two alternatives for higher work rates in a shorter period - increasing the working width, or travelling at "full speed ahead".
      However, with much of the current machinery that we run today, those possibilities are already at their limits.

    • Conventional seed drills Pneumatic seed drills
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