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    • Spreading Equipment
    • Spreading Equipment

    • Vicon SuperFlow - Vicon RotaFlow
      Vicon SuperFlow PS

      Popular for General Farm Applications
      The Vicon pendum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum spreading quality and ease of operation. With hopper capacities of 600, 800 and 1000 with the 604 hopper as a basic hopper and 750, 950, 1150, 1350 and 1650 litres with the 754 as a basic hopper, Vicon is offering you a wide range of different models and hopper capacities. Spreading along field edges and tramline border spreading is no problem at all - thanks to the border spreading plate and the tiltable headstock.
      In four models
      PS 225 - 335
      PS 403 - 503
      PS 403 VITI - 403 VITI
      PS 604 to 1654

      Compact and Complete
      The RO-C is the most compact spreader in the program, but features all elements of the RotaFlow spreader line. The basic hopper capacity is 700 litres, but can be increased up to 900 or 1.400 litre with different hopper extensions. The standard working width is 9 -18m, but can be increased up to 20/21m with an optional kit of extensions. Through to the High Capacity Model.

      The RO-XL is the high capacity model of the RotaFlow range. The heavy duty construction of the RO-XL makes it possible to carry up a maximum of 3.450 or 3.900 litres of fertiliser with 3 extension rims. Easy setting and adjustment can be done with the FlowPilot on each spreading disc. An innovative drive line to each disc ensures gentle agitation due to the "slow rotating" agitator system, which runs at 15% of the spreading disc speed. Both discs can be shut off independently to spread half the working width, essential for preventing lodging in tapering headlands.

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    • Forage Equipment
    • Forage Equipment

    • Vicon offer a range of Mower and Mower conditioners in mounted and trailed versions.

      The working width ranges from 1.65 to 4.00m including a 3.20 front mounted unit which when coupled to two rear mowers with give a working width of up to 8.75 metres.

      Complementing the mower range are the Rakes and Tedders
      The Andex rake, with single or multi rotors, working up to 15 metres and the Fanex Tedders working up to 13.3 metres with different rotor configurations.

      Forage wagons and a clamp spreader are also available from Vicon.

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    • Bale Equipment
    • Bale Equipment

    • Two types of round balers are available from Vicon fixed and variable chamber as well as a conventional square baler.

      There are three models of the RF Fixed chamber baler with with bale sizes up to 1.25m and two RV variable chamber balers producing bales from 0.60m to 2.00m.

      Following the round balers there is a five model range of conventional square balers with a bale a size of 46cm x 36cm.

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    • Sprayers
    • Sprayers

    • Vicon Offers You a Complete Range of Field Sprayers
      With the introduction of the iXtra front tank Vicon offers you a complete range of mounted and trailed field sprayers.

      The new iXtra front tank in combination with the iXter mounted sprayer is now available. The iXtra is available with a tank capacity of 1.100 litres. The total volume in combination with the biggest iXter mounted sprayer comes close to 3.000 litres. The iXter mounted sprayer range offers you tank volumes from 1000 up to 1800 litres. Different boom types available from 15 - 24 metres.

      The iXtrack A and B trailed sprayer range offers tank volumes from 2400 up to 3600 litres. Steel and aluminium boom types from 18 up to 33 metres are available. The iXtrack C is our high tech trailed sprayer range with tank sizes from 3.000, 4.000 and 5.000 litres! Three different boom types from 18 up to even 45 metres are available!

      The Ikarus S is our versatile compact machine with tank capacities of 2800 and 3800 litres. Different boom types from 18 - 28 metres are possible.

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