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    • Irrigation systems
    • Irrigation systems

    • BAUER RAINSTAR has a model to match each shape and type of terrain with cost and energy saving irrigation which is easy to handling and remain operational for years.

      The superior quality is the result of lots of years of experience in the manufacture of irrigators with particular interest in the price-performance ratio.

      Entirely galvanized hose reel gives long-lasting corrosion protection for the whole steel construction.

      New radial full-stream turbine TVR 20 and TVR 60 give a higher performance range, lower pressure losses.

    • Bauer Rainstar Bauer Pivot / Linear System
    • Pipes & Fittings
    • Pipes & Fittings

    • For Agriculture or Industry: BAUER HK quick coupling pipes are always the right choice! 50 years of experience guarantee a long life cycle and high quality of this product.

      Genuine BAUER HK couplings are quickly and easily coupled/uncoupled with a few simple hand movements, providing great flexibility of installation - even on difficult sites - with articulation on coupling joint up to 30°

      From its very beginning the HK pipes and couplings have been manufactured at the main factory at Voitsberg which has assured unchanging and excellent quality and high flexibility in meeting special market demands.

    • Pipes / Fittings
    • Engine Drive Pumps
    • Engine Drive Pumps

    • Manufactured by A M Phillip Agritech Ltd, the pumping unit is designed to give long unsupervised service allowing water for the irrigation program to be delivered with confidence right into the field
      The Pumping unit is supplied complete with a bunded 1750 litre (385gal.) fuel tank and an Acoustic Canopy to reduce the engine noise to an acceptable level.

      Fitted onto the tank, to give firm stable support, is the new Iveco engine and directly coupled to it is a new Carari Pump 3 stage pump unit.

      Also fitted to the tank are the wheels, axle, drawbar, Jack and road lighting.

      The pumping unit comes standard with hand primer and Murphy controller, of your choice, to monitor both the engine systems and the pump output.

      Flange Mounted multistage pump with SAE3 fittings to mount directly to a Engines Bell housing ensuring the correct alignment of both Pump and Engine shafts reducing wear and stress for long service life.

      We build pumping units to your specifications to satisfy your particular requirements.

    • Engine Drive Pumps
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