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Horsch Avatar SD/SW

Avatar - Robust, versatile, precise

Providing maximum efficiency for large farms the Avatar features a working width of up to 12m and seed waggon technology from the well-proven Pronto line. The single disc coulter of the Avatar series is ideally suited for the toughest seed conditions and offers maximum performance across large hectare farms thanks to its large capacity and low horsepower requirements which actively reduce soil movement.

Avatar 3 / 4 / 4 rigid / 6 / 8 SD - Machine concept

  • Compact machine with working widths from 3 to 8 m
  • 2-bar design with a row spacing of 16.7 cm and a clearance of 33.4 cm per row = reliability even with a lot of harvest residues resp. intensive catch crop population
  • Large transport wheels to help reduce soil compaction even if the hopper is full
  • Light basic machine for sowing after conventional tillage or mulch seed
  • Possibility to mount additional weights to guarantee a safe forming of the furrow and firming of the seed with the single-disc coulter even in most difficult conditions
  • Standard with mechanic half-width shut-off
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off to be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation

Avatar 3 / 4 / 4 rigid / 6 / 8 SD - Versatile hopper system

  • Versatile with regard to the selection of the hopper system: single hopper and double hopper G & F (seed and fertiliser)
  • Micro-granular unit for single and double hopper for metering of micro-granular, starterfertiliser, slug pellet or small grain seeds
    • Seed distribution:
      • Even distribution to the two seed rows
      • Optional for 6 / 8 SD: distribution of different seeds from the double hopper to the two seed rows (e. g. product 1 to seed row 1; product 2 + micro-granular to both seed rows)
  • Optimum placement of seeds with different grain sizes by adaption of the placement depth to the requirements of the respective seed (large grains – deep, small grains shallow)

Avatar 12 SD - Machine concept

  • Compact, manoeuvrable machine
  • HORSCH seed waggon concept for maximum efficiency
  • Seed waggon with a capacity of 5 800 litre; 50:50 partition seed/seed or seed/fertiliser 
  • Well-proven folding concept with compact transport dimensions; telescopic axle guarantees stability in the field, even in extremely hilly terrain and a maximum transport width of 3.00 m on the road
  • Large tyres (520 / 85 R 38) at the seed waggon for maximum soil conservation and load-bearing capacity even in wet conditions
  • Single-row design with single disc coulter with row spacing of 25 or 30 cm
  • Light-weight machine with integrated weight transfer and distribution to the coulter wings for homogeneous coulter pressure at all seed row to the very outside
  • Low horsepower requirement due to little movement of soil
  • Standard: mechanical half-width shut-off
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off to be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation (incl. micro-granular unit)

Avatar 12 SD - Versatile hopper system

  • Double hopper with optional micro-granular unit
  • Independent metering of up to 3 components (no de-mixing of seeds, exact metering seeds with different grain sizes)

Avatar SW

  • Maximum efficiency for large farms:
    • Working width 12 m
    • Seed waggon technology from the well-provenPronto line
    • Designed for highest requirements and maximum efficiency during the season
  • Seedwaggon
    • Capacity of 12 000 litre for maximum efficiency
    • Hoppers 50: 50 seed/seed or seed/fertiliser (application as G & F version, seed and fertiliser in one row)
  • Low horsepower requirement due to reduced soil movement
  • Manoeuvrable machine due to the compact design
  • Low horsepower requirement due to low machine weight

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