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Avatar SD/SW

Avatar SD/SW

Avatar 3/4/6/8 Machine Concept 

  • Compact machine with working widths from 3 to 8 m 
  • 2-bar design with a row spacing of 16.7 cm and a clearance of 33.4 cm per row = reliability even with a lot of harvest residues resp. intensive catch crop population 
  • Large transport wheels to help reduce soil compaction even if the hopper is full 
  • Light basic machine for sowing after conventional tillage or mulch seed 
  • Possibility to mount additional weights to guarantee a safe forming of the furrow and firming of the seed with the SingleDisc coulter even in most difficult conditions 
  • Standard with mechanic half-width shut-off 
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off to be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation 

Avatar 3/4/6/8 Versatile Hopper System 

  • Versatile with regard to the selection of the hopper system: single hopper and double hopper G & F (seed and fertiliser) 
  • Micro-granular unit for single and double hopper for metering of micro-granular, starter fertiliser, slug pellet or small grain seeds 
  • Seed distribution: 
  • Even distribution to the two seed rows 
  • Optional for 6 / 8 SD: distribution of different seeds from he double hopper to the two seed rows (e. g. product 1 to seed row 1; product 2 + micro-granular to both seed rows) 
  • Optimum placement of seeds with different grain sizes by adaption of the placement depth to the requirements of the respective seed (large grains – deep, small grains shallow) 

Avatar 12 SD Machine Concept 

  • Compact, manoeuvrable machine 
  • HORSCH seed wagon concept for maximum efficiency 
  • Seed wagon with a capacity of 5 800 litre; 50 : 50 partition seed / seed or seed / fertiliser 
  • Well-proven folding concept with compact transport dimensions; telescopic axle guarantees stability in the field, even in extremely hilly terrain and a maximum transport width of 3.00 m on the road 
  • Large tyres (520 / 85 R 38) at the seed wagon for maximum soil conservation and load-bearing capacity even in wet conditions 
  • Single-row design with SingleDisc coulter with row spacing of 25 or 30 cm 
  • Light-weight machine with integrated weight transfer and distribution to the coulter wings for homogeneous coulter pressure at all seed row to the very outside 
  • Low horsepower requirement due to little movement of soil 
  • Standard: mechanical half-width shut-off 
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off to be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation (incl. micro-granular unit) 


Avatar 12 SD Versatile Hopper System 

  • Double hopper with optional micro-granular unit 
  • Independent metering of up to 3 components (no de-mixing of seeds, exact metering seeds with different grain sizes) 


Avatar SW 

  • Maximum efficiency for large farms: 
  • Working width 12 m  
  • Seed waggon technology from the well-provenPronto line  
  • Designed for highest requirements and maximum efficiency during the season 
  • Seed waggon 
  • Capacity of 12 000 litre for maximum efficiency 
  • Hoppers 50 : 50 seed / seed or seed / fertiliser (application as as G & F version, seed and fertiliser in one row) 
  • Low horsepower requirement due to reduced soil movement 
  • Manoeuvrable machine due to compact design 
  • Low horsepower requirement due to low machine weight 


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