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Pronto KR

The HORSCH Pronto KR features all of the Pronto Series technology with a rotary cultivator/rotary harrow as well. The KR provides intensive cultivation even on extremely heavy soils and with a hopper capacity of 2,800 litres you can get more done in one pass, making the KR a highly efficient and productive machine.

Advantages of the Pronto KR 

  • Universal range of use after plough and for mulch sowing even on heaviest soils 
  • Rotary harrow for perfect fine-soil production even in heavy soils 
  • Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer for a  considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement 
  • Easy handling due to central adjustment of the seedbed-preparation unit and the packer-seed unit 
  • Cracker packer steel roller for optimum levelling and consolidation of the seedbed 
  • Uniform planting depth over the entire field due to predefined depth difference between packer system and coulter 
  • PPF system for exact fertilizer-depot placement below the seed rows 
  • 6 m working width 
  • Power demand starting at 160 kW / 220 HP  

Distinguishing Features of the Pronto KR 

  • Sowing unit and seed wagon are a coherent unit, thus the machine is very compact 
  • Due to the fact that the seed wagon has no axle, much weight is transferred to the rear axle of the tractor. Thus, the Pronto KR can be pulled with low power requirement and little slippage 
  • The coulter pressure adjustment guarantees an even emergence in changing conditions



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