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Joker HD

The Joker HD is perfect for shallow and intensive mixing cultivation. The HD provides high operational reliability due to the large spacing between its DiscSystem rows and the packer, plus with its double RollPack packer with U-profile rings, this machine is very sturdy and suitable for all soil types. The strong design of the HD frame means it is very stable for deep cultivation and high strains, while the middle chassis gives excellent driving behaviour on the road.

Advantages of the Joker HD 

  • Flat, intensive mixing stubble cultivation
  • Up to approx. 15cm deep, intensively cutting and mixing soil cultivation with high quantities of grain, corn and straw
  • Extremely low-wear and easy to maintain
  • Large disc diameter of 62cm with a 6-bolt attachment for the toughest conditions on z. As heavy soils or at high levels of crop residues
  • Tapered discs for a constant cutting angle of 17°
  • 5 - 7m working width
  • From 130 kW / 180 hp tractor power
  • High working speed up to 20 km / h

Other features of the Joker HD

  • Compact machine with high levelling ability
  • Efficient reconsolidation
  • Very stable designed for deep tillage and high loads
  • High area performance with low traction requirement
  • Storage of the discs in rubber elements increases the life and improves the soil adaptation
  • The strong frame is very stable designed for deep tillage and high loads. He provides the necessary weight
  • Double RollPack Packer with Ø 55 cm U-profile rings
  • Very stable and suitable for all types of soil
  • Insensitive to stones even at high speed
  • Interlocking packer rings for very good self-cleaning



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