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Terrano FX

The all-rounder Terrano FX mixes perfectly in all depths between 5 and 30 cm. Thanks to the frame height of 85 cm (on the 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 FX models) and a tine spacing of 30 cm, the Terrano accurately mixes in all crop residues, even under the heaviest of conditions.

The Terrano FX is a compact universal cultivator which can be equipped with different points. It is used for a shallow whole area stubble cultivation or for intensive loosening and mixing of straw to a working depth of between 5 and 30 cm. Its 3-bar, robust frame design with high clearance ensures uniform mixing in of residues even in difficult soil conditions. In comparison to 2-bar cultivators, the Terrano FX keeps the soil within the cultivator for a longer time, thus ensuring an excellent mixing performance. Even levelling and deep consolidation ensures a perfect finish and produce an optimal seedbed.

The point systems can be changed easily. Each is individually optimised for its specific task (whole area/shallow, intensive mixing / deep). This makes the Terrano FX versatile, not only in working depth but also in performance. The working depth of the Terrano FX is controlled by the hydraulics of the tractor and the packing system. The depth is set with ClipOn spacers (AluClips) that limit the lowering depth of the cultivator frame in relation to the packing system.

The robust TerraGrip shank provides constant coulter control at the required working depth. The MulchMix points guarantee intensive mixing of the soil without damaging the soil structure. The levelling discs are optimally placed and can be adjusted so that the surface is level. In addition to its weight, the Terrano uses the downforce of the shanks for an even and deep consolidation.

Advantages of Terrano Range 

The Terrano FX provides cultivation without compromise. The machine is extremely manoeuvrable due to its compactness and has a large selection of packers for optimal adaptation to the conditions of the site.  It is robust, even for harsh environments and very low maintenance.  

Distinguishing Features of Terrano FX 

  • TerraGrip tines with a release force of 350kh are especially recommended on stony and rocky soils 
  • Working width of 3-5m 
  • Power demand starting at 90kW/120HP 
  • Working depth between 5 and 30cm 



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