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Terrano MT

The Terrano MT particularly suitable for cultivating heavy soils that require deep loosening, but where harvest residues can only be mixed in in a shallow way to prevent rough soil from being transported to the surface.

The Terrano MT has been specially designed for a range of uses but is particularly adept at intensive loosening down to a depth of 30 cm with a low mixing effect. Almost no rough soil is transported to the surface and it runs below the disc harrow horizon. The new Ultra LD points increase drainage as they cultivate the soil but do not bring large clods to the surface.

Due to its middle chassis, the Terrano MT is extremely manoeuvrable on the headlands and its roadability is excellent. Under for example wet conditions, the chassis can be used additionally for depth control. Thus, less weight ist transferred to the packer – the HORSCH SteelDisc packer with a diameter of 58 cm and a weight of 175 kg/m working width for maximum consolidation. It is also ideal on most heavy soils and its packer elements leave a good soil structure. Additionally, the Terrano MT is equipped with two efficient double rollers. You can choose between a double RollFlex or a RollPack packer.

Advantages of Terrano MT 

The Terrano MT is extremely useful for heavy soils in the conditions of high rainfall. this machine is extremely manoeuvrable due to the middle chassis which can be used for depth control. breaking of the disc harrow cultivation horizon with the help of the following cultivator tines. 

Distinguishing Features of Terrano MT 

  • Power demand starting at 150kW/180HP 
  • 4.40-6m working width 



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