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BV5000 Series

The Kubota's BV5000 Series features a variable bale size of 4' wide by 5' high with an 86" wide pickup capacity for fast and efficient pickup. An Intelligent Hay Density system allows you to pre-select between three different bale densities right from the tractor cab, and that's just the beginning! 

PowerBind Net Wrap 

All Kubota Round Balers come with the newly patented PowerBind net wrap system. This wholly redesigned technology has allowed Kubota to get away from the old feed rollers and eliminate many high wear items. The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection feed arm. This design keeps the net tight at all times, which provides accurate and extremely reliable net injection. Also, there is entirely no interference from external factors such as wind and crop.  The Kubota Netwrap offers a Zebra System™ left-right indicator for easy and correct loading of the roll into the baler every time. Plus, at feeding time, the user can quickly see which direction to unroll the bale.  Our Red End Warning indicates to the operator that the end of the roll is approaching. The red stripe marks the last 240 ft (approximately 7 bales).  We also provide guaranteed length on every roll not a “plus-or-minus” average. 

Supercut-14 Knife 

The SuperCut-14 version of BV5160 is the ideal solution for silage applications. The 14 knife chopping system provides a fast and efficient flow into the baler. With a chopping length of 2.75," it is the ideal solution for producing dense and airtight bales. Also, the bale is easier to break up during the feeding process. 

Intelligent Density 3D 

The Intelligent Density 3D bale chamber offers a combination of 3 rollers and 5 endless belts, which offer smooth bale rotation and reduced crop loss even in dry conditions. The two aggressive front rollers that come in contact with the crop are cleaned continuously by scrapers and are designed to perform well in wet silage. They also instantly ensure efficient bale start with immediate bale formation in all crop conditions resulting in a very firm bale with a moderate core. 

Focus Control Terminal 

The Focus Terminal can also be used with other Kubota implements and gives full control of all functions from the tractor cab, and are shown on a large and very clear digital display. The Focus terminal monitors and controls all functions with information clearly visible at a glance. The control box is also driving the binding automatically without any intervention from the operator. 


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