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Kubota WR1000 Series Wrappers

Designed for smaller tractors, the Kubota WR1100C bale wrapper offers ease to operate and increased stability to ensure maximum productivity and performance.

This wrapper can be controlled via remote control to protect your forage and is equipped with a hydraulic film cutter (which comes standard on all models) and mounted turntable wrapper which is able to handle round bales up to 2650lbs and 47x50” in size.

Kubota WR1000 in field

Wrap and Stack

This series provides an efficient way of wrapping silage bales and is ideal for ‘wrap and stack’ operations. The bale wrapper can be mounted on the rear of the front hydraulics of the tractor and can also be used as a stationary machine with an external power pack. This feature is beneficial when transporting bale to the storage site for wrapping.

Pre-Stretch Unit 

The film locking device is easy to operate and includes aluminium rollers specially designed for perfect film pre-stretch and fast exchange of roll. It's 70% Stretch ratio is fitted as standard.

Hydraulic Film Cutter 

The hydraulic film cutter is fully automatic and operates efficiently in all situations with easy adjustment of the knife which allows for smooth performance - even in wet conditions.

Kubota WR1000 bale wrapping  

Easy Operation 

The wrapping process of the Kubota WR1100 can be controlled remotely by one operator from the loading tractor and when the process is activated, the whole operation is automatic. An optional automatic stop ensures that the bale is wrapped correctly.


Hitch option

Bale size

Max bale weight


3 pt hitch

47” x 60”

2650 lbs


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