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Crop Packaging By Tama


Massey Ferguson know that time is always a priority with Farmers and their balers are amongst the best in the industry.  They have spend years investigating every aspect of baling from machine to wrap to ensure you will get the most from their products. Massey work with Tama on their products as they are industry leading specialists in crop packaging who strive to deliver the best netwrap and twine.

Netwrap for Round Baling 

Massey Ferguson netwrap saves you time from the moment you load the roll until you unwrap the bale. Cutting-edge materials and design solve problems before they occur, leaving you with more time to focus on the important things for your farm and your life.

The latest Massey Ferguson+ technology is available in two different lengths for your convenience. Available lengths include 3800m and 4500m.

Twine for Large Square Baling 

Time is critical when you need to clear crops from large areas in one day. Massey Ferguson balers and twine are designed for long operating periods in tough conditions. With few problems, breakages and stoppages, you can plan your baling with confidence.


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