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Tilly Certificates

At A. M. Phillip Agritech we now offer the Tilly 18 point inspection for your agricultural trailers. This safety check ensures that your trailer meets the required standard, the check is carried out by one of our fully trained Engineers.

The Tilly developed an 18 point inspection profile for every trailer which is able to carry loads of 10 tonnes or more.  Agricultural trailers are legally required to be in condition worthy of the roads and it was found that a large number were not being maintained as they should. The Tilly certificate is also now being used for several 2.5 tone trailers as these are typically used for transporting livestock.  

The Tilly certificate is issued annually after the trailer passes an 18 point inspection carried out by one of our trained Engineers.  The certificate is then displayed on the tailgate of your trailer and each has its’ own unique identifying number. This is recorded along with your chassis number buy us.

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