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Leeb PT 330*/350

Advantages of Leeb PT 330*/350 

  • 6-cylinder motor with 354 HP (PT 350) and with water cooling 
  • electro-hydraulic four-wheel steering 
  • Stepless hydrostatic traction drive with automatic load depending (Horsch) motor regulation, designed for an operational speed up to 30 km/h in the field and 60km/h on street 
  • Hydropneumatic individual wheel suspension 
  • Track width steplessly variable from 2,25 to 3 m 
  • High ground clearance steplessly variable from 1,4 to 1,6 m 
  • Height adjustment allows driving also in high crops, e. g. maize or sunflowers 
  • Tank capacity 5 000 liters for the spray liquid container and 500 liters clear water tank 
  • Spraying pump max. 1000 l/min 
  • 330: TIER 3a only available in Low Regulated Markets (LRC), e. g. Russia.  


Distinguishing Features of Leeb PT 330*/350 

  • Continuous inside cleaning by the CCS System (Continuous Cleaning System) 
  • Boom widths available from 30 m up to 36 m (9-section boom) 
  • Extremely stable boom position, even when driving in very uneven tracks and with high working speed 


Leeb PT Boucher 


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