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Vicon iXtra

The iXtra front tank offers a volume of 1100 litres. In combination with the iXter mounted sprayer, the iXtra front tank provides a total capacity of around 3000 litres.

So Much More Than Just Extra Volume

The innovative iXtra concept offers much more than just extra tank volume. Combined with the iXter mounted sprayer, the iXtra provides a total capacity of around 3000 litres, making the iXter-iXtra combination a serious alternative to a self-propelled sprayer. With tractors able to carry much higher loads on their rear linkages, the need for ballast weight on the front of the tractor is essential. With a nominal volume of more than 1100 litres, the iXtra is that front end weight adding stability to your tractor, but only when needed!

The Advantages:

• Flexibility while spraying - dual tank strategy

• Full integrated concept - hugely crop-friendly design

• Easy operation

• ISOBUS or non ISOBUS compatible regulation systems

• Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL


Technical Specification:

Vicon iXtra 

1100 Comfort 

1100 Pro 

Nominal tank capacity 

1100 (l) 

1100 (l) 

Maximum tank capacity 

1300 (l) 

1300 (l) 

Clean water tank capacity 

2 x 65 (l) 

2 x 65 (l) 

Electrical pump capacity 

25 (l/min) 

25 (l/m) 

Empty weight 



Front linkage 

Cat II 

Cat II 

Level indicator 



Control panel 


Electrical (ISOBUS) 

Regulation systems 

FMC/IsoMatch Tellus/IsoMatch Tellus GO 

FMC/IsoMatch Tellus/IsoMatch Tellus GO 


iXclean Comfort 

iXclean Comfort/iXclean Pro 


Dual Tank Strategy

The dual tank strategy with independent filling offers you the possibility to work with two separate spray tanks or cleverly, as one large sprayer with the automatic balancing of tank contents. If needed, spray liquid can be transferred in both directions.

The iXtra concept with combined functions gives you more flexibility while spraying:

  • One-tank approach: both tanks are filled with spray liquid it boosts overall tank capacity by 60% (automatic level system)
  • Two-tank approach: filled with two different tank mixes, the front and rear tanks can be used as two independent spray tanks
  • Reservoir approach: filled with clean water or a concentrated product the iXtra front tank can be used as a reservoir for later use, for example in another field or crop

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