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Vicon iXtrack T Series

Vicon is introducing the iXtrack T series; this new sprayers are precise, easy and effective. The iXtrack T series is developed with a focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with intelligent electronics and ease of use. The iXtrack T series offer tank sizes of 2600 and 4600 litres.

The advantages

Stability; The 32-degree steering angle and 3.6m turning radius makes the iXtrack T series very flexible and robust.

Ease of use; the iXtrack T series are compatible with the standard ISOBUS, this makes it easy to operate, by installing and using the additional software.

Precision spraying; Equipped with a flat, suspended parallelogram. The parallelogram combines optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations.

Intelligent electronics; 100% ISOBUS compatible as standard, easy plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO or PRO or any other AEF certified terminal. The iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantee a user-friendly operation.

Liquid management; the position of the tanks, hoses, valves and drains is optimised to minimise rest liquid.

Spray booms

Boom widths are available from 18 up to 40 metres, they fold away compact over the new tank design, keeping the boom away from the tractor cabin and the centre of gravity low during transport. The boom is available in HSA aluminium or HSS steel. The central beam guarantees easy headland turning, higher working speeds, safe transportation and secure parking.

To control boom height and boom suspension, the iXtrack T sprayers are equipped with a parallelogram which ensures boom suspension at all boom heights, and it guarantees smooth boom reactions, low maintenance and longer lifetime.

Boom Guide

Operating the iXtrack T series with the boom guide provides final guidance in the most challenging field conditions. The ultrasonic sensors can control spray heights; it enables positive and negative lateral movement on the boom to follow the contours in every circumstance.

Wheel axle

Technical specifications


iXtrack T3 

iXtrack T4 

Tank capacity 

2600 - 3200 litres 

3400 - 4000 - 4600 litres 

Spray boom 

HSA 18-24m (2-part folded)/ HSS 21-24m (2-part folded)/ HSS 27-30m (3-part folded) 

HSS 18-30m (2-part folded)/ HSA 21-33m (2-part folded)/ HSS 27-40m (3-part folded) 


Top/ Hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye/ball coupling 

Top/ Hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye/ball coupling 

Wheel axle 

Adjustable, 1.5 - 2.25m 

Adjustable, 1.5 - 2.25m 


Optional, 200 - 400 - 520 l/min. 

Optional, 200 - 260 - 400 - 520 l/min. 

Regulation system 

IsoMatch Grip, IsoMatch PRO, IsoMatch GO  

IsoMatch Grip, IsoMatch PRO, IsoMatch GO 


iXclean Comfort/ iXclean PRO   

iXclean Comfort/ iXclean PRO 


Turning radius 

The single central frame, in combination with the unique shaped parallelogram arms, creates room for large tyres and allow a maximum steering angle. This ensures maximum steering possibilities with a tight turning radius, even on 1.50m track. 

You will experience the following qualities and benefits: 

  • Track width 1.5 – 2.25m 
  • Track width in steps of 5 centimetre 
  • Space for 1.9m high tyres 
  • 3.60m turning radius 
  • 32-degree steering angle 
  • Track following 
  • Turning mudguards 

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